Crouzet Switches has been involved in the nuclear industry for 35 years, and offers a range of special limit switches. Classified as Electrical Safety Systems, these products are certified in accordance with the RCCE regulations (rules regarding the design and construction of electrical equipment for nuclear islands).


The hermetically sealed microswitch filled with an inert gas (hydrogenated nitrogen) protects the contacts and allows the limit switches to be used in low level circuits and also at higher currents. This technology enables Crouzet Switches limit switches to be approved for severe environments inside and outside the reactor containment and to meet the requirements of the associated specific tests:

  • Irradiation accident tests (K1)
  • Resistance tests to thermodynamic and chemical accident conditions (K1)
  • Thermal ageing, relative humidity, seismic tests, irradiation ageing tests (K2)

nuclear plant

Valves and Actuators

Detection for nuclear environments

For explosive atmospheres, nuclear environments and harsh environments, Crouzet Switches offers 2 valve and actuator product ranges:

  • Snap-action microswitches
  • Limit switches

Detection for explosive atmospheres

Crouzet Switches’ products comply with the standards and certifications established by national and international bodies. The family of 8399 Ex limit switches have been developed and ATEX/IECEx certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Detection for industrial

Regardless of the type of operation used, some valves are equipped with a positioning unit that is used to display the open/closed state of the valve and send this information electrically to its actuator control, and also to perform supervisory functions. It is therefore necessary to have very precise detection. The switching directly effects the kinematics of the valve, and thus the flow of the fluid.


Detection for nuclear environments

nuclear environment


SP4863 Limit Switches

  • Operates up to a pressure of 1 bar
  • Mechanically very robust
  • Flexible roller lever fixed to the body
  • High seismic resistance
  • Operating temperature -55°C to +105°C

SP4522 Limit Switches

  • Single pole or 2-pole circuit
  • Lever adjustable over 360°
  • Special cables
  • Operates within pressures of between 1 and 6 bar
  • CW/CCW actuation

SP4816 and SP4813 Limit Switches

  • Operates up to a pressure of 6 bar
  • Mechanically very robust with stainless steel body
  • Plunger or roller lever that is spring returned to rest position, providing excellent resistance to vibration
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